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Website Design

Quality website Design Services For Small & Large Businesses

Here at Rank And Reach, our team of Website Design Specialists have worked with businesses across Ireland and beyond. We have provided Website Design Services like Business Website Design, eCommerce Store Development and much more, which our clients are using to generate thousands of euro per month in revenue. Whether it be a website to provide a service or an eCommerce website to provide products, we deliver results.

We offer services such as Website Design, eCommerce Store Design, Website Rebuild and much more, all of which help businesses and brands across Ireland to succeed in the digital space. Our websites are built to generate income and convert. Everyone is going online with their business, it’s about standing out from the crowd and beating your competition.

Website Design

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What Makes A Website, Quality?

What makes our website design work, high quality?

Conversion Optimised

What’s the point of a new website if it doesn’t convert visitors into customers? If the till isn’t ringing, then your website isn’t working and we aren’t satisfied with that.

Reliable Hosting

Having a solid website is great, but for a website to benefit your business, it needs to remain online and in the public eye. Reliable Hosting will take care of that.

Search Engine Ready

Every website needs to be found on the web. Plain and simple. We ensure that every website we design, is ready for Search Engines & Strategies.

Fully Responsive

Not every visitor uses a desktop. Your website has to be suitable for every device and ready for any occasion or visitor. Responsive Design is what you need.

Support & Help

Having a solid website with reliable hosting is just one part of the puzzle. Having a team you can contact in the event of an issue or query is just as important.

Easy To Use System

Being able to manage your own website will save you money and time. That is why we use WordPress, along with other plugins, to make the process simple.

Why should you choose Us For Website Design?

Why should you choose us for your new website design?

When it comes to choosing an agency to provide your business or brand with a new website, it’s important that you choose the right agency. With thousands of options available, just in your local area, knowing who the right choice and option is, can be the difference between having a website that earns you money, and one that doesn’t.

Of course, every agency could sit and say that they are the best and they can do X, Y & Z, however here at Rank And Reach, we talk through our results. As shown in our ever-growing portfolio, we have built websites for hundreds of clients across Ireland and beyond. However, we don’t just build websites like a lot of others might, we build optimised, well presented digital platforms.

For our team, Website Design is a lot more than just writing a few words in colour on a website. It’s about creating a Digital Platform that generates income and traffic to your business. It’s about producing a platform that contains what your competition doesn’t, such as bespoke features and systems.

When you work with Rank And Reach for your Website Design, you are working with an agency that remains several steps ahead of other agencies and competition sites. You are working with those that know what to put where, and how to deliver results.

What do you actually end up with at the end?

What are you paying for? What do we hand over to you at the end?

Easy To Use & Update Website

Once your Website Design has been completed, a lot of agencies usually make it difficult to make changes, so much so, that you have to contact their developers for even a small change. Here at Rank And Reach, we build websites that are Easy. Whether it’s changing a picture, changing text or something else, it’s done in a couple of clicks.

Complete Support & Help

Unlike a lot of agencies, we provide Support & Help throughout the duration of which you work with us and much longer too. We understand that issues may develop over the next few months. Your website might need a complete server update. Don’t worry, with Rank And Reach, we will sort your updates, issues and more at no extra cost.

SEO Foundation & Indexing

Here at Rank And Reach, we specialise in both Website Design & SEO, with specialists in both areas. Once your website is complete, before we hand it over to you, our SEO Specialists will take a look through your website, ensuring it’s ready for Search and they will index your website too, so it can appear in the Results. This is all included in the cost of just your website.

Quality Website Hosting

If you choose to host your website with Rank And Reach, you can rest assured that your website will remain online, the whole time. We host with the leading hosting providers across the globe to ensure that both our sites and client sites remain online for public viewing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s about reliability and stability here at Rank And Reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website Design Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Our Website Design Service

Here at Rank And Reach, we provide more than just a typical WordPress Website. Our team of developers invest several hours into building a digital platform that reflects your business, industry and product/service. However, we include more than just the design and development service.

All of our websites come as standard, with the following;

  • 1 Year Website Hosting
  • Basic SEO Optimisation
  • Images & Content (Stock Images)
  • Revisions & Changes
  • Support & Guidance

A lot of other agencies just provide a basic website through their Website Design Services and that is why we have worked to create a better service. We build solid digital platforms, not just websites!

The team here at Rank And Reach have experience in designing and developing a variety of websites. Within our Website Design Service, we provide & design websites such as;

  • Business Websites
  • Membership Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Subscription Service Websites
  • Online Forums

We also provide custom solutions, depending on your needs and requirements. You can speak to our team to discuss more about our specialist services.

Absolutely. Through our Website Design Service, our team can produce digital platforms to suit the needs of any client. Whether it be a combination of various website types, a bespoke solution or something else, our team of Web Design Specialists can provide services to meet your requirements.

We work with clients across Ireland and beyond, building solutions to meet the needs of various clients. From Small Retail Clients to National Manufacturing Brands, we can help to develop the platform you need.

Like any agency, our prices vary depending on what you require. If you just require a 5 Page, Information Website, our prices start as little as €350! However, if you require a more complex solution, such as an eCommerce Website, a Subscription Based Website or another service, then we price accordingly.

Our bespoke services are also priced depending on the required services. However, we always work with the client to ensure that we remain in their budget while providing the best possible results. We price better than other agencies and provide better results too!

When building an eCommerce Website, we work with various Payment Providers so that you can provide various options to your customers. Those providers include PayPal, Stripe and more, all of which we include at no extra cost.

Of course, this is discussed with you before hand and you can select any of the options available, or even all of them! We have clients using one payment processor and clients using 5/6, giving their customers options!

Short answer, Absolutely.

We build our client websites using WordPress. WordPress is free to use and does a lot of the backend management on your behalf. We use WordPress to make it easier for our clients to manage their websites and digital platforms long after we have left. Whether it be updating a plugin, updating your WordPress Version or even On-Page Content, it can all be done in just a couple of clicks, meaning you can rest assured that your website will remain updated.

We can also add your website to our Management System at no extra cost, to update your website on your behalf!

When we build your new website, whether it be a Small Information Site or an eCommerce Website, we go through our multi-device build process. This involves our team building your website on Desktop, providing the structure and content, then we optimise the website for Mobile & Tablet Devices.

While nothing will massively change between your Mobile & Desktop Websites, small changes such as smaller font sizes are needed to ensure it looks just as good on mobile as it does on desktop. It’s all just part of the process here at Rank And Reach.

Absolutely. Regardless of the website type, we build all of our client websites through WordPress. This means that you can add other features and functions at any time. Whether it be add an eCommerce Store to your website or another feature, we can integrate anything you want or need without any major problems or major costs!

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