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Web Design Galway

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Based in Ireland, we are Rank And Reach. We provide services such as Web Design Galway to help businesses and brands across Galway to appear online, in front of their audience. If you are looking to build and grow your business in the Galway area, then working with an agency that provides Website Design Galway is your best option!

We provide a variety of websites, ranging from eCommerce Stores to Brochure Websites, all with bespoke and custom features available. This makes each website unique and individual to your business, meaning that you can start implementing other strategies and seeing some real, strong results. Alongside great websites, we also provide lightening quick hosting, priority support and much more!

But why should you choose Website Design Galway? What’s included?

Web Design Galway

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What does Web Design Galway Include?

What's included with our Website Design Galway service?

Optimised For Conversions

If your website doesn’t convert visitors into customers, your business won’t generate any additional revenue. Our websites generate real income and real customers.

Fast, Reliable Hosting

You could have a fantastic website, but if your hosting isn’t reliable then nobody can actually see your website and what you have to offer, making it a waste!

Optimised For Search

Having a website is one large part of the process. However, you also need people to visit your website and see your business. That is where SEO helps!

Device Responsive

Your website has to work on every device, regardless of what they device may be. We build websites that look just as good on Mobile & Tablet, as they do on desktop!

Support & Help

Having a website for your brand or business is great. However, you might have questions about your website or need help, we provide Support & Help with every site.

Easy To Use System

Once the website is complete, you might want to change a few images or pieces of content. Our system is extremely easy to use with drag and drop.

Why should you choose Rank And reach for Web Design Galway?

What makes Rank And Reach the best choice For Website Design Galway?

When it comes to choosing an agency to build your new website, you have to choose an agency that can deliver your desired results. You have to work with an agency that provides the right services for your business, at the right price. Here at Rank And Reach, we work with businesses and their owners as individuals. We strive to deliver the best possible results, regardless of your website or project.

Our team of Website Developers have built 100+ Websites for clients across the Ireland, delivering results for Local & National Businesses. Alongside that, we have also delivered €40,000+ in revenue through Organic Search & Search Engine Optimisation. However, as an agency, we worked with each client individually, building websites and delivering results through web solutions. We drive results and grow your business online using our detailed strategies.

If you are looking for an agency to provide services such as Web Design Galway, speak to our team of consultants. We would love to hear about your website design project and what you would like to build around your business. We can even take you through some of our previous work and what we have done for others!

Get in touch with Rank And Reach today and find out more about our agency and what we have done through Rank And Reach & Sligo Web Design!

Web Design Galway

What do you receive as result of Web Design Galway?

When you purchase Web Design Galway services, what do you get?

An easy to edit & use website

Making changes to your website can be difficult. Especially if your website is built in such a way that requires you to understand various coding languages. The websites we provide through our Website Design Galway service are extremely easy to edit. Just a couple of clicks and you can visually edit your whole website.

Complete Support & Help

Once your website is complete, we don’t just disappear like a lot of other agencies. Whether it be a month after completion or a year, if you have a question about your website, a problem or just an enquiry, you can speak to our team including the developer of your website at no extra cost.

SEO Foundation & Indexing

Once your website design has been completed, we haven’t finished yet. We go through your website and optimize each page for your main keywords. We also carry out an audit of your website to ensure that you are in the best possible position for organic search. This is done completely free of charge and is included with every website.

Quality Website Hosting

Hosting your website and choosing a provider that is reliable and fast is important. We offer Website Hosting to all of our Website Design Galway clients to ensure that your website remains in view of the public, your audience, and customers 100% of the time! We will even carry out the setup for free, so that you can get your website online, cheaper!

Web Design Galway Prices

How much does our Website design cost?

Small Website


eCommerce Website


Large Website


Above, you can find out more about our Web Design Galway Prices. Each package includes our SSD Hosting, along with maintenance and Basic SEO. This will enable you to appear on Google for a couple of your main keywords, such as your business name. Each package includes different features, some more than others, meaning that you can pick a package and a price that suits you.

However, if you need a solution outside of the above, speak to our team today and we will take you through our other options, such as Membership Websites and other types of website. Our development team are more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked questions about web design Galway

questions asked on a frequent basis

Whether you own a small, local business or a national chain, our Web Design Galway service can help businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have worked with a variety of businesses and in a variety of niches throughout our experience. We have build simple business websites, eCommerce Stores with thousands of products and everything in-between. 

Speak to our team today and let’s discuss your business. Each business requires a different approach to reach different results and it’s about delivering your desired results!

Absolutely! Even if you have a small website with only a couple of pages or even a one-page website, we can add eCommerce Functionality to any website. The full package will work with any new or existing WordPress website and we can work our a style and design that works for you, whether it be embedding products in a one-page design or creating a few additional pages.

Let our team know if you want to add eCommerce Functionality to your website.

We provide solutions to meet your needs. The packages above are just popular packages that clients regularly ask for, so we display the information to make it easier! If you need a bigger website, a website with bespoke features or something else, we can absolutely help! We provide more than is displayed above and we would be more than happy to talk you through our other options.

Our initial free consultation is used to talk about your business and to put together a package that meets both your needs and your budget. Just let us know what you need and we will do everything we can to make sure it happens!

Speak to our team today and let’s create your dream business website & package.

The packages above are common packages purchased by customers. These are just rough prices of what builds may cost, however it’s not a confirmed price. More often than not, we price our websites cheaper, to meet the needs and budget of our clients. We provide a fair and honest service. Whether you need 10 pages or 100 pages, we can help you to build a website and remain in your budget so that you can enjoy a new website, for less.

Speak to our team today and let’s have a chat about your business, needs and your budget. We will make sure that your website goes online without costing you thousands.

Our developers, directors and team have over 10 years of individual experience. Combined, we have over 50 years of experience, working with clients across Ireland and the United Kingdom, building quality websites and delivering the best possible results. We have build 1,000+ websites for irish businesses, ranging from small 10 page sites to eCommerce Stores with thousands of products. No project is too big or too small for our team, meaning that we will work with anyone, on anything.

Each member of our team works together to create the perfect end result for our clients. We strive on providing a fantastic service and treating every client like an individual. You can speak to any member of our team. You can speak to our directors directly too, even if it’s just to ask a question!

We also keep you completely up to date with what is going on, 100% of the time. We do this via email on a weekly basis or even as the project moves along.

Our main services here at Rank And Reach are Website Design & Search Engine Optimisation. Both of which work extremely well together, delivering fantastic results and generating revenue for businesses just like yours. As for embedding services in with Web Design Galway, we can embed all of our services in with a Website Design Package and it is often cheaper to do it this way instead of each service individually. This will mean that various teams of ours are working on your website at once.

Optimising a website for search as we built it is always easier than optimising it afterwards. 

Unlike a lot of other agencies, we allow you to build a website that fits your needs and expectations. With that being said, you can send over 3 sets of changes. That means you can change your website as it goes through various stages of the build. We will speak to you within the consultation stage to get an idea of what website you would like, then we will build your website. This version is referred to as the Initial Build and is like a demo build of your website. This stage takes a couple of days to complete.

Once done, we will send you a link to view the website so that you can go through and make a list of changes. This is your first set of changes and this will generate “Build 1”. We will then make the changes to generate “Build 2” and then “Build 3”.

Then, once you are completely happy with the website, we will release it as a Version 1 Release. This will be your live website for the public to view. Of course, you are free to change and edit things yourself if you wish or you can speak to our team about further changes.

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