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Stoic Fitness

Website Design With Membership Solution

Stoic Fitness Pro is a Fitness & Health Provider. They provide Workouts & Fitness Solutions through their online membership portal. Shane, the owner of Stoic Fitness Pro, provides clients with workouts and fitness programs to follow from home, all for one monthly fee. From Live Workouts to On-Demand Content and more, they shape clients through the web.

We worked with Stoic Fitness Pro & Shane to provide them with a Membership Website. This website has enabled Stoic Fitness Pro to charge for their workout content while providing people at home a digital workout platform to follow through, without attending a gym!

Stoic Fitness Pro
Stoic Fitness Pro

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Monthly Payments, With Ease.

The main feature within the Stoic Fitness Pro Website was the membership system. The idea behind this system is to charge on a routine basis, whether it be monthly, every 3 months or yearly to clients. Alongside charging payments, the system has been coded to keep a track of dates within client memberships so that people are charged the right amount, for the right period of time.

Our team successfully implemented the membership system, along with an easy process of adding and changing content for our client, so that they can upload content and provide new workouts for their end-user!

Stoic Fitness Pro
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