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Search Engine Optimisation

Solid SEO Strategies For Local, National & International Businesses

Here at Rank And Reach, we don’t just build websites. We also build industry-leading Search Engine Optimisation Strategies. These strategies enable us to work with clients and their digital platforms in order to ensure that they appear on various search engines such as Google. We do this through a variety of Search Engine Optimisation Services such as On-Page SEO, Link Building, Content Writing & Optimisation and much more.

We have a specialist in-house team that is experienced in optimising websites to rank through various SEO Strategies & Processes. Our team work to ensure that your website appears for important keywords surrounding your business and industry, so that you can drive traffic to your website and money into your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

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What does our SEO Service include?

what do we provide through our search engine optimisation service?

SEO Audit

Auditing your website will allow us to see where the issues are within your website. Whether they be broken links, missing images, missing alt tags or something else, we will identify and repair.

Keyword Research

Research of any kind is important but Keyword Research is critical within every Search Engine Optimisation Strategy, especially when you want to discover keywords and phrases.

Local Search

Appearing in the Search Engine Results for keywords and terms surrounding your business and location will help visitors to find your business through your location and premises.

Link Building

While On-Page Optimisation is where the rankings are initially built, we power up those rankings using external links. Niche-Specific, Relevant Links can push your website from Page 3 to Position #1.

On-Page Optimisation

Optimising your On-Page Content such as Images, Written Copy, Heading Tags and much more is where we show the Search Engines what keyword your page is about, so that it indexes your page.

Content Creation

Written Copy is what makes up the majority of SEO Optimisation. Having strong written copy with supporting images, based around your focus keyword will make sure you appear for your desired term.

Why should you choose Us For Search Engine Optimisation?

Why should you choose us for your Search Engine Optimisation strategy?

Having a website that looks great and that speaks about your business and what you offer is essential for every business. However, having a standalone website just isn’t enough anymore. You can have the best possible website, but if the website isn’t seeing any visitors and nobody is clicking onto your website, nobody is going to see your business or your website, making it a waste of both time and money.

However, an effective Search Engine Optimisation Strategy can go a long way in ensuring that people find, see and click on your website. Our team here at Rank And Reach have over 10 years of experience in creating and ranking websites through industry-leading strategies. We have worked with clients and brands across Ireland and beyond, helping them to target their audience through organic search.

Ultimately, we provide strategies that deliver results. By results, we don’t just mean clicks onto your website, but paying customers and income. If your not seeing money coming to your business as a result of an SEO Strategy, then what is the point in spending money on one in the first place?

The Search Engine Specialists here at Rank And Reach are here to deliver the best possible results through Organic Search Engine Services. Work with an agency that knows what they are doing.

What do we actually do Through an SEO Strategy?

What are you paying for? What do we do on a monthly basis?

SEO Auditing

The first step of any Search Engine Optimisation Strategy is to audit your website. This will highlight any issues within your website such as Missing Alt Tags, Broken Links, Missing or Duplicate Heading Tags and much more. Our team will then go in and fix those issues before we even start ranking your website, as fixing issues can help!

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is usually the following step of any Strategy. However, it’s a step that we return to on a regular basis, just to ensure that we are optimising for the right keywords with your website. This is due to the fact that keywords and search terms can change and people often search for different things as months go by and trends change.

On-Page Optimisation

Once we know what keywords to go after, we then start on the On-Page Optimisation. This is something that is continuous and on-going as we target new keywords and optimise pages to improve ranking positions. This consists of optimising copy, optimising images, creating internal links and much more. Getting the On-Page correct is essential.

Link Building

Once we have optimised a page for a specific keyword and the On-Page & Copy is exactly correct, we then look at powering up your pages with External Links. We build links from trusted, authoritative sources that will push your website up the SERP and into the top positions, to generate clicks and calls, direct to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Our Search Engine Optimisation Service

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising a website or page for a particular keyword or search term. This is done through optimisation tactics that involve the content on the page, the links from external sites towards the page and much more. The idea is that you generate Free Organic Traffic from the search results of search engines such as Google & Bing.

The idea behind SEO is that you appear in the top 3-5 positions for keywords surrounding your business. As a result, when people search for that particular keyword or similar keywords, you appear as a result and your website gets clicked on. For example, if you have a keyword that is getting searched 10,000 times per month, they are all clicking somewhere, usually to the websites in the top 3 positions.

We optimise your website to become one of those 3 positions, usually position 1, so that you get the majority of the clicks and traffic. Then through Conversion Strategies, we turn that traffic into income and sales.

Search Engines such as Google & Bing choose websites and their ranking position depending on a variety of factors. While these factors include On-Page Optimisation & Link Building, they genuinely use the following as a guideline.

Trust: Search Engines wants to keep poor-quality, spam websites out of the Search Results and only provide real, quality content. By building your trust, we turn your business into a brand name that both Search Engines & Visitors associate with quality.

Authority: Authority is your website’s overall strength in your industry and market. It’s often a numbers game, relating to visitors and backlinks.

Relevance: Search Engines look at the relevance of a website, often rewarding the most relevant websites with the higher result positions. We build your relevance through Blog Content and through your website as a whole. This is why you don’t see random domains ranking for unrelated keywords!

As our team of SEO Specialists will tell you, On-Page Optimisation is the process of ensuring that your on-page elements are optimised for your particular keyword/term and niche. It involves making sure that your on-page content is visible to search engines and that search engines pick up your target keyword from the content. On-Page SEO also involves making sure that the technical elements of your website reflect your desired keyword.

Unlike On-Page SEO where you have complete control over the content, Off-Page SEO depends on another web page, on an external website to improve and increase your rankings. This primarily involves External Link Building or Backlinks coming from External Websites within your Niche & Industry. Off-Page SEO can be done organically by producing the best content that people want to link to, or done artificially by placing your link into other websites. Both of which deliver incredible results!

Due to the nature of SEO and Search Engines changing daily, this is an ongoing process. We regularly build pages to new keywords and as a result, we regularly have to build new links to those pages around that keyword.

Search Engine Optimisation is priced on a monthly basis. So once a month, you will pay a retainer or a monthly fee for the service. This monthly fee covers our team to work on your website, investing several hours into optimising your On-Page and Off-Page SEO, to rank for keywords.

The price of which, often depends on the size of your website, the difficulty of your niche and more. Niches and topics such as Health/Medical & Money require a higher level of detail and links within these sectors can cost several hundreds of euros, just for a backlink.

The price will be discussed with you by our team before we get started and we will work to your budget!

Absolutely. We provide our SEO Services to anybody, whether it be an individual or a business, even if we haven’t built the website. Of course, providing SEO through websites we have developed is easier, due to our team knowing what goes where, however we do provide SEO to everyone.

You can speak to our team to find out more about the costs connected with SEO and what we provide.

Our team of Search Engine Optimisation Specialists invest a lot of time into learning about upcoming updates and getting any essential changes in place long before the update arrives. This ensures that you stay ahead of the update. We use updates as a way to get ahead of your competition and we stay heavily educated about each and every update. We also have various processes and channels to ensure that if something has changed or is due to change within Search, we know about it.

We usually tell our clients that they can expect to see results within Three Months of an SEO Campaign. This gives us enough time to provide content and copy, rank for a keyword and optimise that keyword for better rankings. However, we have delivered results in just over a week before, and that’s position #1. All niches and industries are completely different, each taking more or less time, depending on their difficulty.

We will often give you an estimation and guideline before we start, but please keep in mind that it’s just an estimation!


Keyword Research helps us to find keywords and terms within your niche and industry for us to target with your website. Without Keyword Research, we wouldn’t know what keywords to target and go after with your SEO Strategy.

It’s through Keyword Research that we find out the volume and amount of visitors searching a keyword. This helps our team to become more efficient by targeting keywords with high traffic, instead of keywords with no traffic!

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