How To Renew Your Domain With Rank And Reach

How To Renew Your Domain With Rank And Reach
How To Renew Your Domain With Rank And Reach

Renewing your services with Rank And Reach on time is important. Like we covered in our Hosting Renewal Post, renewing your website hosting yearly, on time is what prevents downtime. For domain renewal, it’s exactly the same! However, knowing how to renew your website domain so that your website remains online, in front of your customers is important, very important. It’s about paying on time to keep your website online!

Make sure that you renew your domain on time, every time to prevent any downtime or notifications of overdue domain costs on a yearly basis!

In order to renew your domain with Rank And Reach, you will require your Yearly Domain Reminder. Likewise with your website hosting, this will come in the form of an email, which will outline that your website domain is up for renewal and more details about how the amount due has been generated. This will come in the form of an invoice, which will include the domain cost and the time period. This will generate your yearly fee.

You can renew early and pay in front for your website domain, just like you can with your website hosting. You can find out more about that below, along with how you can make that possible by speaking to our team and making a payment.

How To Renew your Domain With Rank And Reach

As a client of Rank And Reach, whether you just own a domain with us or whether you have other ongoing services such as Website Management, keeping up to date with your domain payments is important. Especially if you want your website to remain online without any issues or problems such as domain suspension. This article has been written to provide you with information regarding your yearly domain payment, on time so that you can avoid any notifications or problems.

In regards to your Website Domain, we bill once per year. This means that your payment figure may be higher as it’s to cover the year as opposed to a single month. However, we do offer monthly domain costs, which can be discussed with our team, however for the majority of clients, we bill yearly. This figure will be presented to you in your prior notification email.

But what do you do with the email? How do you make a payment?

1. Read your Yearly Domain Notification Email

The first step to renewing your domain with Rank And Reach is to read your Yearly Domain Notification Email. This will be sent to you up to 14 days before your domain is due. This is to give you enough time to make a payment or speak to our team about a payment date/plan. This email will include a variety of information, all of which is important to note before you make payment.

The main pieces of information in this email is your cost breakdown, total and payment details. Take a look through your cost breakdown to find out more about the cost and what the cost is going towards. Then take a look at the cost total, this will be the total amount due for payment. As the email will be sent 14 days before payment is due, you will have 14 days to pay.

The final part of the email to look through is the payment details. This is usually done via bank transfer and is included in the attached invoice too. You will also get a receipt for this payment, sent after your payment has been received. The email will include other bits of information too, which you should read for your own information.

2. Make A Payment, If Possible

Once you have looked through the email and you are happy with the total cost, it’s time to make payment. If you wish to make a part payment on the day of the email and the remainder before the 14 days is up, that is absolutely acceptable! If you wish to just make full payment in 10 days time, that is also acceptable! It’s down to when you can pay.

However, you might not be able to make a payment in 14 days, meaning you will pass your due date! What will happen to your website if you don’t have the money?

Absolutely nothing! If you get your yearly notification and can’t make a payment, don’t worry! We understand that when you are being billed for website domains on a yearly basis, the cost might be a little unexpected. We do have a process that we require you to follow, just to ensure that we are notified and you know what to do next.

2. Unable To Make A Payment

If you are unable to make a payment for your domain, this is the process that you need to follow to ensure that we can work out a plan with you to cover the cost. It’s so that we can mark you on our system as pending, to prevent any further emails or notifications similar to those who are refusing to pay may get.

The first step is to get in touch with our team. Reply to the email and provide your website URL & invoice number and just explain that you can’t pay. We don’t need to know why, it’s entirely your business but just let us know that you can’t. We will then look at your account and just ensure that there isn’t any issues. Then our team will discuss our available options with you regarding payments towards your domain balance. However, we don’t just turn off your hosting, you can rest assured that things will operate as they should.

One of the available options are Monthly Payment Plan, which splits your payment into 12 monthly payments. The cost won’t increase, it will just be split between monthly payments. Of course, it’s best to make a full payment on the balance as missing one monthly payment will result in your payment plan being terminated. Another option is to make a part payment towards the balance, then pay the rest within an agreed period of time.

One of the main solutions we offer is to just agree a date of which you can pay the full amount. We will require you to keep to this as missing this payment may result in further costs. But we absolutely understand that making a payment isn’t always easy and we will work with you to help you out!

Pay Ahead With Your Website Domain

While a lot of our clients pay for their domain when it’s due, year on year, we do also allow our clients to pay ahead with their domain. This means that you can pay for several years of domain upfront. We can work with you on bulk discounts too if you pay in front of your hosting, meaning that paying in front is even cheaper! Paying ahead with your Website domain is straightforward too, and is available to any of our Website Domain Clients.

In order to pay ahead, you need our office to generate an invoice for the total amount, so that you have something to pay for. This is easy, email our office using and include your website URL and account number (if you have one!). Then our office will go into your account and generate an invoice for the next X amount of years, from the date of the email.

Then, you need to follow the details on the invoice and make a payment. It really is as simple as that, we will issue you with a receipt for the payment and then you will be in front! You won’t have to worry about a single thing! Of course, to pay in front you will be required to pay anything owing beforehand.

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