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Ensuring Your Business Appears Locally Through Google My Business

Whether you are a Small Local Business or a National Chain, appearing Locally either within your business location or within your target location is a great way of generating local customers. However, Search Engine Optimisation isn’t the only way of appearing in the Search Results. You can also appear in the Map Pack and the Local Results with a Google My Business Listing.

A Google My Business Listing allows customers to find you in their Local Area and visit your website, call your business or even visit your premises. Once optimised, a Google My Business Listing can drive hundreds of calls a week to your business, meaning hundreds of more customers interested in your products or services!

Here at Rank And Reach, we provide various Google My Business Services to ensure that your business can be found online, with ease!

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What does our GMB Service include?

what do we provide through our Google My Business service?

Listing Creation

Allowing visitors to find your business through Local Search can help to drive big results. However, to get started with Google My Business, you need a Google My Business Listing, for your business or brand.

Listing Optimisation

Once you have a listing created, our team will go through your listing and optimise it for your business and for keywords surrounding your local business. We will also confirm your business information too.

Map Pack Optimisation

Appearing in the Map Pack for keywords surrounding your business will help visitors find you. We optimise your listing to ensure that you are included in the top 3 positions and therefore in the map pack.

Content Creation

Posting on your Google My Business Listing on a regular basis is essential to generating calls and clicks. We can take care of that for you and ensure your listing is posting on a regular basis.

Review Generation

While optimisations help people to find your business, Reviews are often the key to converting visitors into customers. Visitors are more likely to call or click onto a business with several 5 star reviews.

Citation Building

Building Citations is like building links for SEO. We build citations on directory sites with accurate information to power up both your business and your listing, meaning again, more people can find you.

Why should you choose Us For Google My Business?

Why should you choose us for your Google My Business Optimisation?

Here at Rank And Reach, we know how important it is for customers to find your business and spend money. Especially if you own a Small Business, every penny counts. The more customers you can attract to your business, the more money you can generate as a business and that is the important goal of any business or brand, to earn money.

Our team of Search Engine Specialists have over 10 years of experience when it comes to building Search Strategies for both SEO and for Google My Business. We know what works and what doesn’t and as a result, we build strategies that deliver results. Our strategies ensure that your business appears in front of your target audience and generates clicks.

A lot of agencies think posting on a GMB Listing is enough, well we know that it isn’t. We know that your listing content and external platforms are just as important. The process of optimising a Google My Business Listing to appear locally is much more complex than other agencies make it. But complex delivers results!

When you work with Rank And Reach for your Google My Business Services, you are working with a team that has previously delivered results and that can deliver results for your business, without any major costs attached.

What do we actually do Through a Google My Business Strategy?

What are you paying for? What do we Provide?

Optimised Google My Business Listing

Whether we create your listing or you do, we optimise your listing for your industry and desired keywords. This allows those searching, to find your business through the content within your Google My Business Listing. Areas such as Business descriptions provide us with an area to optimise! It’s about providing the right copy, with the right keywords.

Optimised Posts & Content

Alongside optimising your Google My Business Listing, we also plan and create optimised content too. We create media and written content that is based around your business and your industry so that it’s relevant. This helps with getting your posts out to people, as a result attracting clicks and calls to your listing or even through the posts themselves!

Optimised Images

Optimising the images on your Google My Business Listing, whether they be the images attached to your posts or images on your actual listing can help massively. The optimisations include Geotagging and more, which help to make your business appear locally for your targeted keywords. It also helps to build up your visibility within the Local Maps too.

Citation Building

Much like Link Building in SEO, we build Citations for your business on various, well-known directories. This helps to build your trust and authority, while also providing to search engines and visitors that you are a genuine business. We provide the same contact information as your listing too, which can often generate additional calls and clicks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Google My Business Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Our Google My Business Service

Google My Business is a Google Service that allows you to create a Free Business Listing for your business. These listings are then included within Normal, Organic Search Results, meaning that your business listing can appear in front of your target audience for keywords surrounding your business.

The Google My Business Platform is also connected to various other Google Services such as Google Maps and as a result, your business can and will appear in Google Maps too.

Google My Business is a free, public platform that any business owner can access and create a listing on. This means that millions of listings are setup and enter the Search Results every day. More often than not, your listing ends up getting pushed down the search positions, meaning people no longer find your business.

Our Optimisation Services optimise your Google My Business Listing to ensure that this doesn’t happen. We optimise your listing, content and posts to make sure that your listing is seen as one of the most useful, trusted listings. Therefore, you appear higher and generate more calls, and more clicks.

As mentioned, Google My Business allows your business to appear within the Local Search Results for keywords and terms surrounding your business, industry and location. This means that people can find your business through services or products that you might provide.

When working with an agency such as Rank And Reach, we optimise your listing for those keywords and terms, so that you appear higher in the map pack and results for various keywords. As a result, this often drives more people to click onto your listing and call your business or visit your website.

Then, through Conversion Strategies, we convert visitors into customers through various On-Page Funnels & Elements.

Through Review Generation, we build 5 star, informative reviews to your Google My Business Listing to help convert visitors into customers. Visitors are much more likely to spend money with a business and to click onto a business when they have several 5 star reviews.

However, we don’t just build any review from any Google Profile. We have a Review Generation Strategy that involves your customers. This allows us to generate real reviews from real customers while ensuring that the review contains your keyword and other vital pieces of information.

It’s all part of the Google My Business process!

Google My Business is a Google Service. That means that Google own the platform and they are the ones that operate it. As a result, the platform is connected to other Google services, such as Google Maps.

When you create a Google My Business Listing, you have the option to set the listing to a service area being your town or city, or to your business location, being a premises. Usually, when you set it to a business location, that location is then added to Google Maps as a place for people to visit.

This will appear for all users within your area and as we build your listing, more people will begin to find your business on their maps, even when they are looking for other business. This helps when people are looking for similar businesses as you come up first.

Google My Business and creating a listing for your business is completely free. They don’t charge you a penny for anything and you can access all of the tools and features with no additional costs.

This means that you can set up a listing for your business, post about your products/services and generate calls without having to spend a penny for the listing. Of course, our Google My Business Services come at a cost but it’s a small monthly retainer for our specialists to work on optimising your listing.

Overall, you get a fantastic ROI with very little investment!

Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimisation allows Local Customers & Visitors to find your business when they search for a keyword or search term related to your business within your local area. Whether it be that you want to target your Local City, Town or Village, Local SEO & Google My Business can help with getting you discovered locally.

As for helping Local Businesses, being found within your Local Area as a business often drives more calls, clicks and physical visitors into your business. As a result, more people spend more money with you as a Local Business because they can find you online.

Google My Business is available to any business, whether they are Local or not. With the vast amount of variable options available within the Google My Business Platform, you can benefit as a business, even if you are online only, a local shop or a chain of franchises.

Of course, with a Local Business in a Specific Location, we can work to scale and reach people within your direct area and create more focused strategies. However, we have delivered results for businesses across Ireland and beyond!

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