Emergency Website Repair Ireland

Emergency Website Repair Ireland
Emergency Website Repair Ireland

If you are looking for Emergency Website Repair Ireland services then you have come to the right place. Here at Rank And Reach, we are 24 Hour Website Repair Specialists that remain on-site throughout the day and night, 365 days of the year. We remain on standby for the monitoring and repairing of websites online. Whether your website has gone down, has been hacked or has another issue, we can help to get things back on track, quickly.

We know the importance of a website, especially if you use your website for commercial use such as an eCommerce Store. Any downtime is bad downtime and that is why we have worked and invested in our Emergency Website Repair Ireland service, so that you can rest assured that should the worst happen, we are here to help. Regardless of the issue and regardless of the time, it’s about getting your business and website back online.

If you need urgent help from our Emergency Website Repair Ireland Specialists, use the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

But what services do we provide through our Emergency Website Repair Ireland service? And how can we help you remain online, in front of your audience and customers throughout the day and night?

Emergency Website Repair Ireland

Emergency Website Repair Ireland
Emergency Website Repair Ireland

When the worst happens and you need help with your website, knowing who to turn to and who can help is often a difficult task. A lot of agencies promise to help website owners however when you need them, they are closed or require hundreds of euros to even take a look. Here at Rank And Reach, our Emergency Website Repair Ireland service is both affordable and accessible, 24 hours a day. Whether it’s a broken page, a WordPress Infection, a redirect virus or something else, we can assist you with getting back online.

Our service, Emergency Website Repair Ireland was created after we had an influx of website owners and businesses struggling with attacks online. Some of the websites even had security measures in place from previous agencies that simply didn’t do enough, resulting in damage. As we started investigating these issues, they were becoming more common, each client saying that they couldn’t find help when they needed it.

Our specialists here at Rank And Reach are real-world experts. Alongside working in our Emergency Website Repair Ireland Division, they work inside our agency on our client websites. When you choose us for your urgent needs, you are choosing experts that know what they are doing and how to really help. But what’s included in our Emergency Website Repair Ireland services?

Our Emergency Website Repair Ireland service & how we can help

The internet changes and progresses on a daily basis. With the changes are the change in viruses and attacks from malicious people online. We regularly see a whole range of different attacks and damages done on websites, often as a result from competitors or from unhappy customers. These range from Redirect Viruses & Website Takedowns to Malicious, Spammy Backlinks. As a result, a website owner or business is left with a damaged website, often ruining months & years of hard work.

However, we can assist you with the following services to ensure that your website remains online and if the worst does happen, we can get you back where you should be, in no time!

Redirect Virus Removal/Repair

 Redirect Virus Removal/Repair - Emergency Website Repair Ireland
Redirect Virus Removal/Repair – Emergency Website Repair Ireland

A common type of attack we see online through our Emergency Website Repair Ireland service is Redirect Viruses. How these operate is quite simple. An attacker uses a script to gain access to a website and create a redirect from your website to theirs. For example, an attacker might create theirsite.com/product-1/ and then run a script to attack thousands of websites and create a redirect to their product.

As a result, when people visit your website to view your home or about page, they are taken to another website. The sites that these link to often contain advertisements, adult material and much more. Not really ideal for a business website that gets thousands of visitors per month.

How we repair this attack is quite simple. We enter your website as soon as possible and put your website into maintenance mode. This will show a maintenance screen on your pages which usually prevents the redirect. This also stops the public seeing your website as we repair. We then look at the source of the virus. Whether it be a sitemap injection, a backdoor plugin or another type of attack, we aim to identify the type in minutes.

Once we have identified the attack, we remove it along with all traces. We then go through every page and file individually and remove any bits of code or script. Once we are satisfied, your website is restored to it’s usual state. We then do our last few checks on your SEO efforts and website before sending your report!

Corrupted Plugins/Files

Corrupted Plugins/Files - Emergency Website Repair Ireland
Corrupted Plugins/Files – Emergency Website Repair Ireland

Another type of issue that we see on a regular basis through Emergency Website Repair Ireland is corrupted plugins & files. WordPress provides a fantastic CMS for website owners to build websites and blogs, however, more often than not, you require plugins and themes to customise WP to meet your needs. Common plugins such as Site Builders are updated at least once per week. With each of these updates comes a new feature and a few new lines of code.

These lines of code and features can quickly become incompatible with other plugins in your network. A common plugin issue we see is where a webmaster updates a plugin, but the update doesn’t complete. This can usually mean that part of the code and update enters your website, but the rest doesn’t. This can often stop the plugin from loading, putting WP into fallback mode.

How we repair this type of issue is again, quite simple. The first step is to identify the problem. This is usually done by simply loading a page on the website. Corrupted Plugins usually throw a message upon a webpage, saying something such as “There has been a critical error on your website. Please check the site admins email inbox for more instructions”. If this is the case, then we will go into the WordPress Log to see what was updated last. Again, usually a good indicator as to which plugin or file has caused the issue.

Once identified, we go into the site files and take a look at what has occurred. If it’s as simple as a corrupted plugin that hasn’t completed an update, we will remove the plugin manually, then reinstall the latest version with the original configuration. This will restore your website back to its usual state. If the file is something more complex, such as a .php file that operates the website, we will then look at the file directly. We are usually able to restore these files in a few clicks.

Website DDOS Attack

 Website DDOS Attack
Website DDOS Attack – Emergency Website Repair Ireland

While a lot of the attacks we see through Emergency Website Repair Ireland are through malware and corrupted files, we also see a lot of DDOS Attacks too. For those that don’t know, a DDOS Attack or Distributed Denial Of Service Attack is where a server sends mass amounts of bot traffic to a website. Usually, this is done to websites on small hosting packages as the mass amount of traffic causes the server to crash. This is something we see a lot, especially from competitors within big niches.

Should a DDOS Attack happen to your website and it have an effect then our team can help your website to come back online. However, you can set up Cloudflare in the meantime and go with a hosting provider who has built-in DDOS Protection to prevent this from happening. Should this happen anyway, we can help!

If you come to us with your website under attack, we will follow our DDOS Strategy to restore your website to it’s original state. The first step is to put your website hosting or server into maintenance mode. If you already have Cloudflare active, it’s as simple as clicking a button. Once done, our team will begin to investigate. We will look into your infrastructure and what you have in place. If your website doesn’t have any DDOS Protection, we will install some.

We will then make a report for your hosting provider. As they have top level access, it’s more about working with them to remove the problem across their whole network, but we look more into you specifically. We will install a WAF which is a Firewall which is often enough to deflect most attacks. This deflects the traffic away from your server to prevent any downtime.

WordPress Malware Removal

  WordPress Malware Removal
WordPress Malware Removal – Emergency Website Repair Ireland

A very common type of issue that we see here at Rank And Reach through our Emergency Website Repair Ireland service is WordPress Malware. With plugins being controlled by third-party developers, we often see a lot of malware being embedded in the code. Especially if you upload the .zip file manually for your plugins or you use plugins from unauthorised sources. Malware can open your website up to a whole range of problems, such as redirect viruses etc.

The process of removing malware is quite straightforward. The first step is to identify the malware. We do this via a scan, just like you would scan a PC with Anti-Virus. Our tools will tell us where the malware is, what has caused it and more. We use this information to then do our own investigations into the damages and where it has come from. We also focus on disabling the malware as soon as possible.

Once we know the source, along with the damages, we will then present this to you. We will then remove the virus from the website and fix all damages connected to the malware. However, we are still far from complete. While only one type of malware may cause issues, your website could contain hundreds of viruses, all doing a bit of something. We will work to clear your website completely.

We will then spend time setting up the correct tools for your website to prevent this from happening again. These tools come in the form of scanning tools, virus removal systems and more. This will keep your website as safe as possible online and stop you from experiencing any other issues when it comes to being online.

Working To Keep Your Website Online!

Here at Rank And Reach, we have one goal. That is to provide solid web solutions that remain online and in front of your audience. With our own clients, we take the essential steps to make sure that happens. We install the right systems, right out of the box. We only use in-house add-ons, along with popular, safe plugins such as Elementor. We make sure that each website we touch, is safe and secure when online.

However, we don’t build every website online. We don’t control every website online. As a result, a lot of websites still remain unsafe. While they might look great on the front end, on the back end, they could be very insecure. A great way to keep your website safe is to keep it up to date, but in an environment where you can complete full updates, to avoid corruption. Updates usually patch exploits and new updates.

Work With Us For Emergency Website Repair Ireland

Whether you are looking to fix your website after a redirect virus attack or you want to speak to us about updating your website safely, speak to our team today and let’s get your website where it should be, online! Our team work around the clock, providing advice and support for website owners in a variety of situations. Whether the worst has happened or you suspect it might be coming, let’s get ahead!

You can use the form below to speak to our team. This form is wired up to our emergency response line, meaning the quickest response possible will be delivered. Once we have received your form entry, a member of our team will be in touch to help. We will then find out what the problem is and how we can help!

How Can We Help Through Emergency Website Repair Ireland?

Our team of Website Repair & Design Specialists work around the clock in our emergency response centre. They help our clients to repair and keep their websites up to date, while also providing repair services to external sites too. We provide services to repair corrupted files, fix broken plugins and much more.

Can Anyone Use Emergency Website Repair Ireland?

Absolutely. We initially set the service up for internal clients, however, we notice that a lot of website owners were looking for a team to help with issues and struggling to find one. Hence why we opened up our service to everyone across Ireland and beyond.

Can We Help With Everything?

Unfortunately not. While we do have experience in a lot of areas, we can’t provide help with absolutely everything. Unlike other agencies, we are happy to admit that we don’t know something and we have a selection of great reconditions who can help.

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