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Here at Rank And Reach, we provide Consultancy Services covering a range of services such as Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Google My Business and much more. Our consultants are members of our specialist team who have over 10 years of experience within their field of work. This means that you can speak to and discuss your business with somebody who actually knows.

Whether you would like to speak to a consultant to review your strategy with another agency, to review your business or to work with you to put together a strategy, we are here to help. We have worked with businesses across Ireland and beyond, helping them to decide on the best route and plan for their business.

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What does our Consultancy Service include?

what do we provide through our Consultancy service?

Advice & Support

Whether you have a couple of questions or need some support with your ongoing marketing, our team of consultants can provide the right advice and support to meet your needs.

Strategy Review

If you are working with another agency, you can go through your strategy with one of our consultants to ensure that what they are doing is working. Honest, Transparent advice.

Marketing & Business Audit

Through our Consultancy Services, we can review your current Marketing Strategies and your Business. This will help you to focus on what matters and less on what isn’t making a difference.

Strategy Creation

Alongside reviewing and auditing, our Consultants can also work with you to create a strategy for your business. Whether you want to focus on Paid Advertising, SEO or something else, we can help you to get the best results.

Measure Results

Our Consultants can work with you as a business owner to measure and review the results that you are currently receiving from your strategies. We can then optimise those strategies to deliver more for your business and a better ROI.

Spend Reduction

While we review and create strategies, we work to reduce your spend too. Marketing is about getting the best results with a low spend, which is critical when it comes to generating a good Return On Investment or ROI for short.

Why should you choose Us For Consultancy?

Why should you choose us for your Consultancy?

Lots of agencies across Ireland offer consultancy services, a lot of which promise results that might seem inflated and untrue. Here at Rank And Reach, we provide Consultancy Services because we can consistently deliver results, time and time again. Our portfolio of previous and ongoing clients displays the skillset and ability of our team.

The truth is, we have invested thousands of hours in testing and learning to ensure that the strategies we provide in our services deliver results. Our team then provide that knowledge through our Consultancy Services, to help Business Owners & Marketers to deliver and enjoy better results.

Lots of Business Owners & Marketers think that by throwing thousands of euros into Marketing, you will see good results and it’s just not true. You can invest millions of euros per month into a Marketing Strategy but if the strategy isn’t right, it won’t deliver results. We have experience in reducing spending for clients with other agencies while delivering better results.

Even if it’s just a review of your strategy, it’s important that you know everything about your marketing and your business, which is what our consultants can help you with!

What do we actually do Through Consultancy Services?

What are you paying for? What do we Provide as consultants?

Strategy Review & Revision

When you work with a Marketing Agency, it’s their team of specialists who develop and create your strategy. As a Business Owner, you might not understand a lot of the strategies and plans that they create. Working with us as Consultants, we can go through your strategy and break it down to make sure you’re getting the results you deserve.

Reduce Spending & Increase Results

Results are the aim and goal of any Marketing Strategy. However, reducing your spending is extremely important. The less you have to spend, the better your Return On Investment is, therefore making it more of a profit process instead of just gaining enough customers to cover the cost of the strategy. It’s all part of our consultancy service, to help you as a business spend less.

Advice & Support

Alongside reviewing your strategy and reducing your spending, we also provide direct advice and support. We provide help with your business, how to market your business and more. We work to provide the information and answers that you need before you work with an agency or on your marketing. It’s about strengthening results and your business as a whole.

Result Measurements

With any form of Digital Marketing, results is the aim and goal of a strategy. However, measuring those results and making sure that the services and strategies you are following is delivering results for your business is important. Without measurements, you won’t see the benefits. Our consultants can help you with recording and measuring your results, so that you know it’s working.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consultancy Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Our Consultancy Service

Our consultancy services help business owners and marketers to see better results through reviewed, finetuned strategies. We provide support and advice to allow business owners the chance to understand marketing, the services that their business is currently paying for and more. 

From Strategy Revision to Spending Reduction and more, our consultants will help you to see better results for your business, without spending millions of euros in the process. It’s about working to optimise your strategies and deliver better results.

Speak to our team today and find out more about our service and how we can help!

Our Consultants have 10+ years of real world experience, delivering results for clients across the globe, ranging from Ireland & the UK to America and more. We don’t just talk about Marketing & SEO, we carry out Marketing & SEO, delivering the best possible results for any business and any budget. It’s not just about having the knowledge, but it’s about using the knowledge in real world experiences.

When you speak to our consultants through our Consultancy Service, you are speaking to people who work in our agency, with our clients, delivering real results. A lot of our consultants will be more than happy to take you through their results too.

Through our Consultancy Service, we take a look at your strategy along with your business and we look at how far you have come since starting your strategy. This is often a good indication of whether it’s performing well or not. However, it’s a very basic insight into the strategy. We look through the strategy that you have, whether it’s from an agency or one you have made yourself and we look into the services and the plan with your business.

We then look into your competition and niche to ensure that your strategy includes services that are causing other businesses in your niche to thrive, if not then we include those and adapt them for your business specifically. We also look into what’s delivering results as a whole, whether that be Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media etc.

It’s just about knowing what can work for various business types and measuring the results that other businesses are experiencing.

If our consultants take a look at your business and strategy and find that your current strategy is best optimised for your business, then we will let you know. We are completely honest and our revision service is just a second opinion alongside your main agency or freelancer that is providing the service.

If a strategy works, it works. That is the goal and what we are working to achieve here at Rank And Reach. It’s about being honest and that is what we are, honest and transparent.

While results from a strategy are the most important factor, price is also just as important, especially for those working on a budget who want to try and cap their spending. When working with Agencies or Specialists, you will often find that services such as SEO are quite expensive. This is often due to a lot of spend in the strategy directly, in regards to content, links etc. However, a lot of the money you are paying could possibly be getting wasted too.

Our Consultants take a look through the work that has been completed along with your strategy to see how your money is being spent. We look through the cost that the actual agency is charging, the price of the links and content that they are purchasing and much more.

We then break that cost down and see if you are really getting the results that you are paying for. If not, we will make recommendations for you to discuss either with our SEO’s or with your agency in regards to spending more efficiently.

In regards to our Support & Advice, our consultants speak to clients via Video Meetings, meaning that clients can see, hear and speak to our Consultants directly. Whether you have questions that you want to ask a specialist, you would like a review of your business and strategy or something else, working with our Specialists on Support & Advice is your time to learn!

We are more than happy to point you in the right direction with your marketing and with your business. It’s about focusing on the important areas of your business and seeing results!

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